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The game is similar to tennis - but played on a badminton sized court, with a tennis height net, using plastic balls (with holes in!), and bats similar to table-tennis but larger and with no special spin coatings.

pickleball_batsetc pickleball_serve pickleball_receive

We play at the John O'Gaunt Leisure Centre on the 'badminton courts' - each Thursday at 5.30pm. Mixed abilities (and mobility). If you have played tennis, table-tennis, badminton or anything similar - you will find Pickleball easy to pick up and enjoyable. Please use the contact form to get in touch if you would like to give it a try.

Basic Rules

The ball is served underhand from the right side of the court and is played diagonally across to the other service court. The defending side has to let the ball bounce first before it can be returned and, subsequently, the serving side also has to let the ball bounce. It is only on the third ball that the ball can be returned immediately. Either you can play a volley or you can let the ball bounce first.

For the full rules, please visit the PickleballEngland website. Note that we use slightly different scoring to the official rules - scoring on every point (not just when serving), and usually playing to 21.


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